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Dont put yourself in someone else shoes( Learn about perception)


Don’t Put Yourself In Other’s Shoes Every one of us has a different way of thinking. And a different perception about things. Maybe the same thing is happening with alot of people, but the...
How to overcome feeling of regret

How To Overcome The Feeling Of Guilt?

Among all of the feelings in the world, the feeling of guilt affects you the most. Irrespective of the reason or the backstory of guilt feelings. It is not good at all. Guilt feelings...
stressful dealing

How To Make Your Deadlines Less Stressful And More Motivational

A way to create less stressful deadlines is to break down things into simpler ones so they become easy. Like breaking down a large project into smaller tasks. Set a deadline for each task...
change habits for a better life

Change Habits For A Better Life

If you could change a few habits in life. what would those be, That is basically the most common question i get these days. Everyone wants to be positive in some stage of their...
Albert Einstein quotes

Albert Einstein Inspiring Quotes

Albert Einstein is the most influential physicist of the 20th century. The only famous scientist you can say. In 1905, he had four separate papers published when he was just 26 years. The famous theories...
change is everything

Change Is Everything You Need

It is impossible to escape change in your life. No matter what sort of affairs you might be dealing within your life. You will always find new paths to walk on and this is...