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How to overcome feeling of regret

How To Overcome The Feeling Of Guilt?

Among all of the feelings in the world, the feeling of guilt affects you the most. Irrespective of the reason or the backstory of guilt feelings. It is not good at all. Guilt feelings...
Finding your strengths

Finding Your Unique Talents-

Strengths, for many people this word may possess different meaning. Some look for physical strengths and others look for emotional ones. All of them play an important role equally. In order to tackle life...
inner peace

A Complete Guide For Finding Your Inner Peace

“Life is a journey; we’ve all had our share of trials and tribulations”. As often as you hear someone correspond to your problems with this statement, many forget to encourage you to fuel up....
work harder- self motivation

Understanding The Concept Of Self Motivation

Discovering the Magic of Self-Motivation Well there are plenty of interactive methods of self-motivation with proven results but let’s first understand the term motivation, why we need it and how it impacts our life....
Importance of Friendship

How friendship is important in today’s world?

Friendship is a beautiful relation if you know its true meaning, in my opinion a friendship can only work better if you’re willing to be a supportive system for your friend. If your able...