A New Entry

The Wrong person
Chapter 2: A New Entry

The story will explain a new entry of a character. This new entry will either be the hero or the villan of the story. Read further to know about him.
If someone hasn’t read the first chapter, here it is:

After bumping into a guy and simply not even getting a chance to find out his name. I left every thought behind and went into the admission office. Since it was my first day, I was super excited and nervous at the same time. After all the paperwork, finally, I got my admission into the best fashion designing college.

Samantha came to me as soon as i came out the admission office. After hearing about my admission, she planned to celebrate it with all her friends. I didnt like the idea of celebrating it with such a big social circle. But seeing samanth’s happiness, I tried to be okay with the idea. She wanted me to fit in here. Well I think she is right. The party was going to be held in the near by Olivers club. Me and Samantha headed home to get dressed for the party.

I really didnt like interacting with people, but yet I knew everything about fashion. I decided to wear a sleeveless royal blue maxi with black heels. Curled my hair and applied red lipstick. And I was completely ready within an hour. Unlike samantha who took atleast 2 hours to get ready. I decided to call james. We hadnt talk since the last time we met on the airport. Calling james seemed exciting at the start but as soon as the number kept on ringing. My heart started pumping faster. Well he didnt pick up, and I was shocked.

There had never been a single time that james hadnt picked up my phone. You know all of sudden when an environment changes. You think that people change with time too. In most cases they do. But you need to think positive to enjoy life better. Here james didnt pick my call up, it made me so angry that i threw my phone away. And went with samantha to the party.

I was angry about him not texting me, or even messaging me where he was. I thought he would be more excited to talk to me. But things didn’t seem that way. The party was a loud one for sure. There were like so many people in Samantha’s social circle. And I hardly knew anyone. Looking around everywhere, I spotted him. The guy I bumped into in the morning and didn’t even get a chance to talk to.

The time I looked at him, our eyes just met all of a sudden. He recognised me and I recognized him. He came to me and we started talking. Well, he asked me if I wanted a drink. But I told him that I didnt drink at all. Thats when he insisted on drinking. He thought it was a party and i should enjoy like others are. After a couple of talks and lots of insisting. I tried a glass of wine. Well, lets say I think i was so angry at james that i deicded that it was best to just drink to forget things.

In no time, I kept on drinking and drinking. That i zoned out. I lost control over my senses. I had drank so much that I didnt know where i was. The next moment I knew it, I was at my flat. And he was sitting on the chair near my bed.

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