6 Steps to Better Reading

Finding time for reading in a busy schedule can be tricky, and even if you do manage to fee up an hour of your day, remembering what you learned can be just as difficult. 
Follow these 6 steps to read faster, learn more, and better retain new knowledge. 

  • Personalized
    when you’re reading content, ask yourself what you want to learn from the content. When your reading content there are all sorts of information there. Try to find out how this information or what part of the content might help change your life in a better way. 
    When you link things to your life, you will remember what you’re reading better!
  • Zoom out
    sometimes your in doubt about what your reading and why. The best way is to find out what the book is about and its main takeaway by spending 20 minutes skimming the content or reading online summaries about it. 
  • Get curious 
    when you have read online summaries and you have an idea about what the book is all about. Prepare some questions in your mind that you need answers for while reading a book. For example if you know the book your reading is about the past and overcoming it. You might have questions about how you could overcome it. You’re curious to know the answers. And that way you will get the best out of the book.
  • Re structure 
    obviously a book has different chapters and each chapter or each part of a book has a lesson for readers to learn. Its best that you restructure a part in your book where you can write down the main keys points and make small notes out them. You can even make a section for vocabulary. Where you can write down all the difficult words with its meaning. 
  • Review
    Now that you have read the book, and you have made notes as well. Its time to make your own book review. 
  • Share
    the best way to learn is to share what you have learned with others. That will help you reinforce your learning. 
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