4 Stages Of Life

Everything to know about the 4 basic stages of life

Definition of life

Life is a continuous and natural process, where you go through different stages of life and learn thousands of things along this journey. By this stage, you do a thousand mistakes. You learn how to overcome everything. You learn a lesson from each mistake. With time you grow and evolve into a better person.  life is all about learning about all the 4 stages of life.

Every human being has to face these stages, but it depends on a person’s nature on how long he/she might be stuck in a stage, while others even skip stages.

4 major stages about human beings:

1.    Mimicry

When a child is born, they are basically helpless. Because they are unable to talk, walk and cant feed themselves even. 

But on this early stage, a child can only learn through watching others and mimicking them. First we develop the physical activities by observing others such as walking and talking. And then in our late childhood we learn to adapt our culture by observing others around us.

The main aim of this stage is to learn how to function in the society and try to become a better self-sufficient adult. 

But the society around us punishes us for our independence, and we are stuck mimicking others so that our society doesn’t judge us in the wrong way. 

Instead of learning to think independently, we place other people’s opinion upon our own. The expectations of other create a burden over us but still we opt for responsibilities and try to fulfill them. The capability of independent thinking has not yet reached a state in which we are courageous enough to embark on our own journey. Once we have the courage to place our personal values above the expectations of others and start acting for ourselves, the next stage is entered.

2.   Self discovery 

In this stage we basically learn how different we are from others. And this stage requires us to take our own decisions by believing in ourselves, so that we can know how unique we are from others. 
It is a time when we try to explore the world and try to learn different things. This stage requires experiments, as in experiments with new people and new places. 

You may say that this is a stage when you basically discover “the real you”.  Our desire to know and to explore ourselves helps us to take different risks in life, which makes us stronger with time. Its not like that this stage is easy to live in the stage when it is full of struggles. We do make mistakes, but we get the opportunity to learn more.  

People usually get stuck on this stage, because they aren’t willing to leave all the excitements of life. As this stage is full of adventures and excitements, and yes some people just love their independence and aren’t willing to let go of it. This is also an important step in life because you are learning throughout the journey.

3.   Commitment

This is a stage when you’re finally done with stage 2 when you realize that you need to let go of all those adventures and excitement oflife. Maybe because now your more mature enough, you want to take responsibilities and some want to make a new home and a new family. The wish of independence now turns to a wish of a family. In this case a wise and mature person will be successful. Because he would know that this is the best way to live his life. This way he would be committed to a specific person and also to his work. 

4.   Legacy 

People have worked all their lives to reach a specific stage in life. The last stage in a human’s life is well deserved. People worked hard all their life long, to accomplish great things in their life. In this stage people are highly experienced and seek to advice younger ones. The last stage of a human’s life begins once it’s time to depart. While this is a painful experience for the relatives of the deceased one, it also serves as a reminder for the younger generations. It reminds them to make the most out of the moment and to be grateful for their lives.


By looking at all the journey we face from childhood till our death we can see that it is a journey full of lessons. We learn so much along this way, either by observing from other actions or by hearing others experience or by facing different struggles throughout this journey. And every stage is different and unique from each other. Because each stage consists of ups and downs, either a person can face them or stay in a specific stage for a long time. Live your life to the fullest but make sure even if your taking a long time on a stage you are still learning. 

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